Go Gambia Girls Project

Empowering Women in Gambia

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What is the Gambia Project?

Gambia is not only among the smallest countries in Africa but unfortunately also among the poorest on the whole continent. As per the latest Sustainable Development Goal Report for Africa (2020), the country ranked still very low in the categories “quality education” and “gender equality.” Even in the more developed coastal areas of the country, leading an empowered life is very difficult for women. Communities like Sukuta Town, Kombo North District, are suffering from having no possibilities to educate young women in practical skills, as the required skill training centers which could teach such skills are far away and unaffordable for most families. As a result, the majority of young women are left with no prospects to become financially independent and therefore have no other option than to marry at an early age.

The town of Sukuta is backing up the need for gender equality to start a project that will help give young women a choice of learning a skill that will enable them to be financially independent. Start-up funds are needed, would you like to help? To get tye-dye fabric production off the ground, the town is offering the use of the Sukuta Community Center building for free but it has no restrooms. So the first step is to raise $5,000 to build restrooms. Next, we'll raise funds for the cost of fabric, dyes and wax needed to make batik, tye-dye traditional fabric. Once we have this, the first group of girls can receive training on how to make tye-dye fabric and sell their product at the market!

Destiny School in Uganda

Gather is Sponsoring 5 Children in 2021!

What is Destiny School?

We're excited to share that Gather is now sponsoring 5 beautiful children at Destiny School in Uganda in 2021!

"Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him." - Psalms 127:3

From IRFF-UK: "Your sponsorship is helping to transform the lives of some of the poorest children in the area around Destiny Junior School. With your help the children not only receive a valuable education but a nutritious meal and basic medical care, which they would not otherwise have access to. Due to the sponsorship of the children the hygiene and clothing (shoes and school uniforms) situation has improved markedly, which has also helped to decrease cases of Jiggers in the school."